Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bouquet #1

Pinterest is an amazing site with fantastic ideas for DIY projects!  I came across a super simple way to make fabric flowers for bouquets - all you have to do is rip off a 1-2" wide strip of fabric (the length will change depending on how tight you fold it and how big you want the flowers, but 24-36" is sufficient for the most part!) and tie it in a knot. From there, you fold the fabric in half to make it 1/2-1" wide, put hot glue on the knot, and twist it along the way gluing as you go. You end up with nicely rolled little flowers! To add it to the bouquet, hollow out a little section of the styrofoam ball (I used a carrot peeler although I'm sure that's horrible to do), put some hot glue all over the sawed off dowel rod, and jam it in there! 


6" styrofoam ball
2" dowel rod (saw in 12" pieces, it only came in 36" rods at Michael's!)
multiple textures and colors of fabric - I used yellow, off white, white, navy, and those are cotton, broadcloth, faux suede, and satin!
Pearl-topped boutinierre pins (they come in packs of 144, but each flower takes approximately 4 pins, and there are at least 50 flowers per bouquet!!)
Hot glue
1-2" wide satin ribbon to cover the dowel rod

Here is the progression!

Half-way done!

Completed! I can fit both my hands on the rod without overlapping and it looks fantastic with my dress :) Hooray!

Now just 3 more to go for my bridesmaids!!! Update here!!

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