Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY Glitter Shoes!

I am so excited to have made my very own fancy wedding shoes!! I started out wanting shoes like these:

but knowing that our wedding is in the backyard, there's no way that I could walk around in skinny heels... SO!! Must get wedges, I thought. But where are navy glitter wedges?  No one has them! I tried going to custom shoe sites, but they only had bright blue glitter, or no wedges.  I decided to buy some blue shoes from Nina Shoes and glitter them myself, darn it!

Cute shoes!
Mod Podge
3 colors of glitter (royal blue, darker blue, and black)
A little brush and a big brush
Wet paper towels for when I spill it on myself

Here is the progression!!


With the glitter/glue concoction:

After! TA DA!!!

They're the perfect color! I'm soooo excited!!

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