Thursday, October 25, 2012

Save the Dates

Ted and I decided, hey, we're crafty folk, we can create our own stationery!  I kept seeing fun ideas on Etsy and other sites, but we also wanted it to go with our wedding website which is FREE and the colors aren't editable.  Our wedding colors are yellow, gray, and navy, so we came up with ways to make the site and the invitations go together without going too far out of our way! 

Here is my first draft (when I say "first", I mean the first of the last... really there are about 22 ideas floating around that were nixed!):

But with Ted's handywork and mad Photoshop skillz, we ended up with the final product being even more adorable than we could imagine!

And here we are, with color AND website coordinating save the dates! Our invitations are still in the works, but those are coming up next :)

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