Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wedding Invitations

We finished our wedding invitations, and they look AMAZING! Thanks to zazzle.com we can create our own stationery, use coupon codes and make it look very professional and fancy for a fraction of the cost, it's wonderful!  I love creating silhouettes- we have one of our cat hanging up and several of ourselves from various trips, so it just made sense to have them in our invitations, too!  We also love Downton Abbey and have been referring to the style as "Downton Abbey carnival" because it's (a) classy, (b) fancy, (c) garden party-ish, (d) creative and VERY DIY, and (e) fun!!! 

So here is my first draft (same with the Save the Dates - it's the "first draft" of the last design we created! So many iterations!!) that I made with the all mighty PowerPoint:

I would like to point out here that PowerPoint is NOT a graphic design software, and darn it, my draft looks pretty good despite having some blurry text because it wasn't a default font on my computer! ;)

But Photoshop is soooo much better!! Here is Ted's amazingly subtle but extremely detailed finished product!  It goes so well with our Save the Dates!! I'm so proud of him :)

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