Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Josie's Zoo Book

I had the best time coming up with my niece's Christmas gift :)  Years ago when I was a wee one, my mom made me "Katie's Do Book" that had all sorts of cute little shapes and colors and letters and numbers, buttons, snaps, etc., that as a toddler gave me hours of fun just playing by myself.  These days, they are called "quiet books", so I discovered, since they keep toddlers quiet at the dinner table or at events when out and about :)  How clever you were, Mom... I didn't realize THAT was your goal!!

I figured Josie, at 1.5 years old, would have a good time touching the felt, playing with finger puppets, learning to use a zipper, snaps, pockets, seeing animals, colors, and learning easy counting, so I came up with a zoo theme, and using a lot of hot glue, sewing, scissors, and very fun felt from JoAnn Fabrics, I now have this finished product that I think is adorable!! Clearly I'm very modest ;)

All total, it probably took me about 6 hours to make... I cut out animals while watching tv, and stitched and glued the rest of the time. It may have been less, it really was quite easy, definitely doable in a weekend!
Lion, Elephant, and Tiger finger puppets
live in pocket cages!
The monkey swings from tree to tree (via "zip line"!)
The seal's nose is velcro and she can count
4 different colored balls out of the pocket!
There are 3 little chickies that hatch from the eggs!
The top is velcro and the bottom is a pocket.
How many leaves fit in the giraffe's belly?
He has a pocket and the leaves snap off!
Time to go to sleep, zoo animals! The finger puppets fit snugly in their bed pockets :)

The end! Josie, I hope you love your Christmas gift!! 

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