Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wedding Stationery in its Entirety!!!

I've already shown you the save the dates and wedding invitations, but we have added more!!! We also have RSVP cards now and directions! And of course an adorably assembled set, if I do say so myself ;)

We matched the RSVP cards to the save the dates, and made the text a little more playful just for fun!

Our directional cards are the same font and same blue as the RSVP cards, but striped like the invitations!

Ted created an amazing back to the invitation, and we also created stickers out of the same "logo" with some fun paper we bought at a local paper store!

And here is the full set all together! The stamps read "Katie & Ted the grandest adventure" which we think is appropriate because we love adventuring so much ;) The only part you don't see is the lovely one cent price increase, and we solved that issue by getting stamps with cats on them. It only made sense considering how much we love our Nesse cat!

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Lindsey Lewis said...

You are amazing! Love the wedding pics. So perfect.