Monday, March 25, 2013

Bachelorette Party Mini-Top Hat

I found the most adorable bachelorette party hat recently, and when I asked the store clerk how much it was, it was a RIDICULOUS $160. Why would someone pay $160 for a hat that you CLEARLY cannot wear regularly??  I thought to myself, CERTAINLY I am crafty enough to make my own!! And muahaha (evil laugh!!) - I AM!!

I found this great pattern which is easy and cheap, but SUPER CUTE!! Kind of my motto, I'd say!


1/4 yard of fun fabric (I used leftover satin from my bouquets which was handy! Just be careful to not use the iron as hot as you normally would with other fabric when fusing the fabric and fusible fleece together!)
3/8 yard fusible fleece (you don't use that much, but it sure is helpful when you accidentally iron it and it melts!)
One 9x12" sheet of 2 mm craft foam
Hot glue gun and sticks (yay!)
Attachment for your head (I used a comb because it's less obvious!)
Embellishments - I used some tulle (50% off, hooray!), ribbon, stickers that look like typewriter keys, and stickers made of fabric flowers. YES I could've made those myself, but sometimes a girl is tired of making homemade flowers and needs a break!!

Click the pattern link above for step-by-step details - it only took me an hour and a half for the finished product!  (AND was just a fraction of the crazy store price - it was just $24! It would've been less but apparently I have expensive taste in stickers!)

In just a few weeks, I'll get to wear this out on the town for a wine tasting tour with my lady friends! I think it's a perfect classy (but still cute) party veil for a bride who has been celebrating her 29th birthday for several years ;)

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