Monday, March 11, 2013

"Perfect Match" Wedding Favors

I'm super excited about my wedding favors! They're not only adorable (and useful!), but under $1.75 each ;)  I have decided to give out little jars with matches in them (they can be stored as an alternative to matchbooks all over people's houses, or even taken camping and they're waterproof!) along with sparklers during our wedding reception for the send-off!  They are super easy - I purchased some vials with corks from Specialty Bottle Company that are the right size for matches (these are .75"x2.75", but I could've gone a little bit shorter had I wanted!) and they each hold approximately 25 matches.  I also got strike anywhere matches - make sure you don't get the kind to strike on the box since you won't have a box to strike on!! You'll also need sandpaper and a large round hole punch (since the jar was .75" in diameter, the hole punch is also the same size because of course the cork is slightly larger), a glue stick, ribbon, and labels for the bottles. We got ours from this etsy shop and they were PERFECT! Ted designed the logo, of course, but since we don't have a machine to cut out label shapes, or the patience to actually be sure they're centered, this was the best way to go!!

First, put all of the matches into the bottles - it takes a bit of grace, which unfortunately I lack, so there were lots of matches spilled and curse words said... but in the end, it's definitely worth it to make sure they're all facing the same direction and they're not stuck at any weird angles! Look how pretty they are all lined up!!

Next, cut little hole punches of sandpaper to glue onto the tops of the cork. Be sure not to accidentally cut one on top of the other, or along the edge of the sandpaper like my picture below, and have a weird straight side that's not supposed to be there!

I used a glue stick to adhere the sandpaper to the corks (less opportunity for glue spillage!!), and then let them dry overnight sandpaper-side down on the table to be sure there wouldn't be any curling.

Last but not least, we tied the labels on with cute little ribbons (about 10" per bottle, a lot longer than you'd think!!), and voila!! Very cute, personalized, and (cheap) easy favors!!

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