Sunday, April 21, 2013

Adorable Bridesmaid Gifts!

I wanted to wrap my cute little bridesmaidy gifts today, and had a good time at JoAnn's, clearly! I am proud of my gift-wrapping, and just had to post a picture ;)


Hexagonal cardboard boxes
Vellum tape
Toothpick flags
Mini chalkboards
Paper flower stickers
Gift inside ;)

I took a thick needle and poked a hole in each box large enough for the toothpick. I cut the foam padding for the gift to a hexagonal shape and laid them all carefully in their new homes! Then I taped the boxes shut with the vellum tape, put a paper flower on top, and put the mini chalkboard around the flag! We only have giant chalk at our house, and it was too hard to write the whole name, so everyone's initials are on the labels instead ;)

This all really goes with our wedding because we'll have chalkboard decorations, banners hanging around, and paper flowers mixed in with the wreath and boutonnieres! 

I hope my ladies enjoy these and what's inside as much as I enjoyed making them ;)

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