Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tissue Paper Wreath

As a DIY bride, I have had many grand ideas of projects to do for my wedding... however, with only 27 days to go, I am realizing that some of these ideas are just better purchased than created! While yes, I could in theory make these things for much cheaper than I could buy them, would they REALLY be worth saving $20 when I'd be working late the night before my wedding? Probably not.  This occurred to me when I decided that I could easily (ha!) and cheaply make tissue paper poms - look how cute!

ALL you have to do is buy bulk tissue paper (check!), white pipe cleaners (check!), fold the tissue paper accordion-style, cut off the ends, wrap the pipe cleaners around the middle, and gently unfold each piece! It takes about 10 minutes per pom pom and only costs about $5! Oh but it has to be done the night before you use them so they don't go flat... do I really want to spend the night of my rehearsal dinner creating 12 (count that, 12 x 10 minutes = 2 hours) pom poms instead of getting my beauty rest?? Instead we purchased these (12 for $30) which take about 2 seconds to put together and can be done anytime before the big day! TOTALLY WORTH IT!! And frankly just as cute :)

So what should a gal do with leftover bulk tissue paper?  Onto the next item on my DIY project list!! I had this great tutorial bookmarked for a butcher paper wreath, but where does one find butcher paper?  I could easily have googled this, but instead I used what I had in stock - TISSUE PAPER!  It only took about 30 minutes to make, and I had all the supplies ready to go! Hot glue, tissue paper, foam wreath, and a pipe cleaner to hang on the nail! And voila - a wonderful white wedding wreath! (Say that 5x fast!!)

Hanging on our door!

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