Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The manliest manly project - pink flying piggies!!

Long ago, I had a strange dream about wearing a (rather ugly) necklace with a pig with wings, and in my dream, Ted asked about it and I said, "what, you don't like pig bees?!?" EVERYONE LIKES PIG BEES, JEEZ!! I woke up and thought, dang, that'd be a cute shop store name!

And voila, such a fast-moving lady I am... a whopping 4+ years later, here I am with my very own pig bee logo!! I'm so excited - we went to creativemarket.com and found MANY adorable flying pigs, but these were the winners:

Ted then put a little bee outfit and wings on the adorable piggie and changed its coloring:
And now my store is updated from the "too boring to be named" shop to pigmeepigbee.etsy.com! Please go shopping!! I'll be updating my wares and photos soon! 

Thank you, Ted!!!!

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