Monday, September 1, 2014

Finished Nursery!!

We have finally finished our adorable little nursery, and couldn't have done it with out the inspiration of Lay Baby Lay and their adorable, colorful board!

I thought I'd go through and put down what we did instead, since we actually decorated on quite the budget!

First, our paint colors: we used Behr Marquee from Home Depot, and the 2 main colors were Aloha for the walls, and Balsam for the changing table.

I loved the idea of clean white lines, so we bought our crib from Ikea (they're very highly rated safety-wise, and also, budget-wise!), a cute lamp from Target, and I used an old lampshade from Anthropologie to throw in a little color!
As far as seating goes, originally we were going to spruce up our old daybed, but it just didn't quite fit in the room! I found a fantastic deal on an Eames-style rocker on Amazon, and thought, "hey, white plastic will work great with a child who has yet to control her bodily functions!" I also loved the pop of orange used in Lay Baby Lay's version, so we found an adorable (and surprisingly easy-to-assemble!) chair and footstool from Ikea in a vibrant red-orange color! We put a cute little yellow table from Target in between them to add just a little more whimsy.

We hung fun orange valances around the windows but kept the main curtains white to lighten up the space.
And last but not least, we definitely stole the artwork from the inspiration board and found some adorable prints from krisblues on Etsy!

We purchased some fun diorama pictures from Wild Life Prints on Etsy to go over the changing table, too!

We got some wall ledges and frames from Ikea as well, and plan to put a bunch of fun baby books all over the wall. 

Our biggest (i.e. largest expense) project was replacing all the doors and trim in the house. We were ready to fix things up, and the nursery closet doors wouldn't quite shut, so we removed all of the old doors, including the 2 weirdly painted ones at the top, and changed it into a cubby hole for stuffed animals and blankets. We are just too excited about how cute it turned out!

And now, the before and after shots!!

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Kate said...

Just had our nursery painted with Aloha as well. My mom and sister said it would be too bright, but I love it! Was Googling to see if anyone else did the same. Yours looks great!