Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MANLY PROJECT EDITION: Nursery Changing Table

Ted and I woke up one random day a few months ago and he suggested vintage shopping, saying he had a feeling that we'd find *something grand*. Turns out, we did! We were wandering through Room Service in Austin and on our way out, came across a fabulous mid-century table under some lamps and other things they were selling. I leaned on it (not wobbly!!), opened the drawers (slid easily!), and found a tag - "unfortunately painted credenza." Oh poor credenza! Let us take you home and make you doubly unfortunate, because although you are beautiful teak underneath, we are going to paint you again!!

First of all, we decided to follow (almost to a T) this inspiration board as far as colors are concerned. (Isn't it adorable??) On top of that, we wanted to paint a cute cityscape on the dresser to look like this $700 anthropologie one:

Here is the before (pardon the stuff on top!):

Ted rented a spray gun, bought the paint, and sanded the grain marks from the previous owner to get it nice and smooth! We took out all of the drawers and covered the openings with catalog pages before spraying.

Look how cute it is!! Next, I bought some adorable shelf liner paper at to cover up any imperfections, and also to make it seem cleaner for tiny baby clothes!!

Last step was the cityscape! Ted used a paint pen to draw on a fun design he created - he mixed the Austin skyline with the Golden Gate Bridge and the Eiffel Tower with Parisian buildings. These are all important cities to us because we met (and live) in Austin, said "I love you" for the first time in San Francisco AND (on a different trip, obviously!) found out the day after returning from San Francisco that we were having this little lady, and we got engaged in Paris! After he drew the design, I went over it with some acrylic paint and a small paint brush to make it stand out a little more. We may still add a few little details here and there, but it's a pretty fun little cabinet!

Now instead of $700, we only spent about $250! 

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Caroline Casey said...

What a lovely idea! It looks beautiful, lady.