Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Game of Thrones Cocktail - "Bubbles of Dragons"!

We are excitedly in charge of Game of Thrones viewing parties this season, and have begun making themed cocktails each week! Last week we made one, and I completely forgot to post it - it was a Pina Crow-lada ;) Coconut milk, black rum (for the Night's Watch, of course!), and ice in a blender. Delish, and easy! Much like this week's - dragon fruit with rose bubbly!

Dragon fruit is a little intimidating-looking, but actually is super easy to use! It kind of tastes like a cross between a kiwi and a melon, with maybe some berry in there? Very interesting, but also not very strong (at least the one we bought - how does one know when a dragon fruit is ripe??). 

Whole dragon fruit

All you need is a sharp knife - just cut straight through from top to bottom. It's even cute on the inside! I used a melon baller to make them more like "dragon eggs", but they could really be just chopped into little squares like I've seen in other pictures. Just don't eat the skin!

Put a handful in the bottom of the glass, and voila! A fun, easy, interesting cocktail! 

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