Monday, October 29, 2012


 I'm super excited with the way my Halloween costume turned out! I dressed up as The Monarch from Venture Brothers :)

Ted dressed up as my lady, Dr Girlfriend!

a black open-faced unitard (ordered from online - be careful, do NOT zip your hair in it!)
3 yards of yellow vinyl
2 separating yellow zippers
yellow and black thread
maroon felt
hot glue
wire for the eybrows
Spirit Gum
1 yard each of orange and black satin
tiny amount of white fabric for the butterfly details
black ribbon to use as basting

There are no progression pictures, but I'd estimate all in total it took 3 hours to make.  The eyebrows and goatee took about 5 minutes, The Monarch emblem on the chest piece was another 5, and the most difficult parts were the boot covers, and getting the crown to stand up on my head!

We had a great time :)
Dr. Girlfriend, Dr. Venture, Dr. Henry Killinger and his Magic Murder Bag, and The Monarch

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