Saturday, May 11, 2013


Ever since the first time I saw this picture, I've wanted to build a photo booth for our wedding:

Lucky for me, I have some pretty handy men in my life!! Ted and my brother Frank (yes, the same Brother Franklin who will be officiating at our ceremony, VERY multi-talented!) spent hours yesterday IN A TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR (it really was a pretty bad storm) putting together the framework for a photo booth - needless to say there are no pictures since they were hard at work and staying dry!  Today, Ted and I got to do the "easy part" of assembling the dry wall and wallpapering!

We bought super adorable wallpaper with Parisian touches (the Eiffel Tower, of course, since we got engaged atop it!!), the World's Fair ferris wheel, Notre Dame, etc.! Frank brought us some leftover wainscoting to use at the bottom since our wallpaper wouldn't quite cover the square footage of the drywall! We also purchased some extra large frames on Etsy so we'd be able to fit life-sized heads in them! Finishing touches will be a silhouette of my cat, a fabric "K" and a metal "T". After that, we should have some really adorable wedding pictures!! For now I'll settle for these super cute ones of my almost husband ;)


Heck yes, this worked perfectly ;)

My favorite... ;)

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