Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Wreath

With the holidays upon us, mother nature has been kind enough (ha!) to get me sick two times, which has been quite the hindrance on my craftiness!! Also we went on a fancy pants vacation, so I won't complain about that taking away two weeks of my time, it was lovely ;)

While on our trip, I came across a super cute wreath made of felt and thought, "hey, I could totally make that!" So, like any other crafty lady, I took a picture of it in the store and got to work when I came home, and if I do say so myself, mine turned out quite cute!!


3-4 sheets each of 3 different colors of felt
A round Styrofoam wreath
Hot glue

First, I took a measuring tape to measure the circumference of the wreath - mine was almost  48 inches around, so I divided into 24 even spaces meaning I could use each color 8 times (8x3=24) - showing off my algebra skills ;) I marked off where the base of the felt should go with a marker.
I cut little leaf-like shapes (pretty haphazardly, no drawing or measuring here!) and got to gluing! I started with the base of each color along the line that I drew, and then with the next color, glued that base down so each one covered the one in front of it. The last piece was a little tricky, but since I only glued the bottom down, it was easy to pull back. Also I glued the berries with the same color each time so they were evenly spaced as well!
If you have a nail on the door, just hang it up on that, or use a little piece of pipe cleaner to make a little hoop like we did! Super fun, easy and cheap!!

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