Friday, August 29, 2014

Nursery Valances

As I've posted before, we are using the most ADORABLE inspiration board to, well, inspire us for our nursery!! 2 months to go before our little lady shows up, and we couldn't be happier with the room!

I decided to make some ridiculously easy valances to spruce up the place and add a pop of color!  First, we purchased a super cheap double curtain rod at Target. They also sell single rods if you can't find the double rod (we had to fake it with one of the windows and buy 2 single rods - just make sure one is deeper than the other so the valance hangs in front of the curtain!). I also went ahead and bought plain white curtains there because it was the same cost as fabric would've been had I made them myself!!

Next, I bought some incredibly cute fabric at - they'll even send samples if you want to check on the color first! Which yes, I did!  I also bought blackout fabric for the backing so the seams and imperfections wouldn't show through.

We hung the rods first to be sure I could get the exact measurements before cutting, and then laid out the fabric and started cutting. Let me tell you, this is difficult with a giant belly in front of you!!  

Once I had the fabric the right size, I ironed it (always important, folks!!) and pinned the fabric to the backing. I wanted 18" tall valances, so I cut the fun fabric 20" and the backing fabric 18" so there wasn't a chance of seeing just the blackout fabric from anywhere except underneath the curtains! I then sewed the long edges together and turned it inside-out.  I ironed it again to be sure the top and bottom would be straight - this is especially important with a patterned fabric! After that, I pinned my seam allowance on the sides and left about an inch or two at the top where the rod would slide through - I sewed along the edge of the fabric so it's not really noticeable.

We slid the rod through the curtain (the 90" one was a bit more difficult, but doable!!) and hung them up - easy as pie! The whole project from cutting to hanging (not including the hanging of the rods!) took me about an hour and a half. Totally worth it!

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Walter said...

Cool! We've been wanting to do some drapes in our house. I never thought of looking at Nice to know they send samples.