Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day Man Scout Cookies

Last Father's Day, I celebrated my favorite dad-to-be with faaaancy mancakes in bed!! This year, despite my prediction of cereal at 6am, I went ahead and made a few things to say, "HOORAY you are an amazing father and I could never do this without you!!!!" He did get pancakes again (although not made with beer or candied bacon), and we had coffee, mimosas, and some bacon on the side - all in all, quite tasty! BUT!!! What I made instead really takes the cake... or cookies... because I made his all time favorite Girl Scout cookies (some know them as Samoas, others as Caramel deLites) in the shape of ...drum roll please... T-Rex dinosaurs. Heck yes.

I used a couple of awesome recipes and won't walk through the whole thing since this website does a fantastic job of that! The only difference was that the caramel recipe I used was a bit smaller than the original author recommended. It still worked out, we had plenty, and only a handful of plain cookies left over. I'll also mention that melting chocolate is a tricky deal - you can overcook it!! So be sure to read the directions on the chocolate you buy, or you'll be driving to the grocery store mid-bake ! (Although really it worked out because I had a chance to buy a card...) 

Next up was a paper silhouette of Ted and our cutie pie to add to our collection! I used red rose paper for her because her name is Ruby Rose - turned out pretty darn cute, I think!

Last up - matching shirts!! There are a lot of great Daddy/baby matching sets, but I chose this one since Ted loves naps and Ruby is getting the hang of them ;) Nap Team Captain and Nap Team Cadet, together at last!! AND to celebrate, our little lady (in dino jammies, please note the cohesion of my gifts!) actually napped in her crib today. Twice. Hooray!! 
Happy first Father's Day, Ted! We love you so darn much!!!

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